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Our Program

The homeschool co-op academy age/grade appropriate programs gives individual locations greater freedoms compared to local authority control. Being a homeschool co-op academy gives each location the power to decide on the best curriculum for their students, determine how they spend their budget and much more.


We are opening academy locations in one-room schoolhouse settings in county halls. Growing our co-op communities across Canada with traditional learning as a base and a homeschool approach. We are a community lead by parents, teachers and superintendents. 

We are....

old school

back to the basics

traditional education

one room schoolhouse

homeschool approach

homeschool co-op

growing communities of likeminded families and educators

Our curriculum will consist of the traditional subjects and a lot of in the moment learning.

A portion of the Language and Mathematics will be through the McGuffey Readers and Ray's Arithmetic Series which provides a curriculum, teacher lessons, answers and guides.

A balance of school time will be spent book learning indoors. 

As much time as possible will be spent outside exploring, learning, discovering, asking questions, finding answers and socializing.​

If you are interested in an Academy opening in your area (in Canada) please fill out and submit a waitlist form. Thank you!

Program Rates

Grades 1 to 4


includes fees and supplies

Grades 5 to 8


includes fees and supplies

Grades 9 to 12


includes fees and supplies

We offer multiple-child discount, please contact us for family rates.
Government homeschool funding ($800/year) is available if registered by September 30th.
All students must be registered through the government as a homeschooler.
$50.00 non refundable registration fee per student required - details on registration page - click below

Current locations 
Whitby Hall - Brazeau County

Important Notes:

  • Packed lunches and snacks are to be supplied by the family. Please ensure the meals are healthy whole foods. This should include fruits, and vegetables and a main course like sandwich, soup, casserole, etc.

  • No processed foods. No junk food including chips, chocolate, candy or any other sugar, carb foods. These types of food cause brain fog which effects the learning and function of the brain. No food dyes as these cause behavioural issues. Please read labels. 

  • We will be outside and allowing children to enjoy nature and explore. This includes water, mud, snow, dirt, etc.  Please provide extra clean and dry clothing daily. (ie: season/weather appropriate - pants, shorts, tops, sweater, socks, shoes, winter/rain boots, mitts, hats, etc)

  • All screens are restricted for students while at Frontier Academies. ie: cell phones, ipads, laptops, or any other electronic devices. These are distractions and cause disruption which hinder the learning process and interrupt the circadian rhythm.  

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